Special Pricing for Big Savings
  • All sites have full hookups, Upgraded water and power
  • Septic systems have been recertified for another 365 or 730 days
See the new Selection List below and view photos of the site by clicking on the underlined street name!

Site Street
New Price
Old Price
0071Terms available Coot $7,500$9,205
0451Terms available Shamrock $6,500$8,715
0515Terms available Moonbeam $5,000$5,965
0517Terms available Moonbeam $5,000$5,965
0576Terms available Bluejay $5,965$7,615
0971Terms available Mermaid $5,500$5,915
1003Terms available Cheroot $5,500$7,615
1005Terms available Cheroot $5,500$7,615
1038Terms available Bowsprit $5,500$7,615
1301Terms available Bighorn $5,500$7,615
1722Terms available Courageous $7,650$7,855
1894Terms available Glacier $5,500$7,615
1904Terms available Glacier $6,500$8,715
2279Terms available Kite $7,265$9,265
2296Terms available Foghorn $4,250$4,315
2372Terms available Legend $5,500$7,615
2395Terms available Vagabond $5,665$8,165

For More Information -- Call DMT Sales Office @ 425-743-7272

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